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Have you ever wondered how it would be to be sitting in your own living room and having access to the actual dealers in your neighborhood who help you in home improvement devices?
The internet is a powerful tool today. However to get the right kind of cache you will need to use other applications that will identify your location and give you best results. That can be cumbersome. Having too many applications on your computer or other smart devices can mean that you do not have enough disk space for other things. And when you want to store your personal data like emails and photographs, either you jostle for space to have to use external storage devices.
Our website is here to give you freedom from all such hassles. The website is also supported by a mobile phone application that works for both Android and iOS but of course, it is optional. The application need not be downloaded on your phone and it is kept web-enabled in order to not consume space on your device. A peculiar username and a password ensure that you can securely log in at any time of the day or night!
What are the services offered?
Apart from the fact that we help you identify the best three or four dealers that you require services of, we also give you an edge by giving you their addresses and profile without holding on to any vital information. The customer may directly contact them or have an inspection request made to them directly. The website can also facilitate such services at a nominal rate and it is totally left to the discretion of the customer.
We do not have advertisements in the application or the website and that is how we keep away with extra clutter on the user interface. This decision ensures that the information that you require is there without any frills and the GUI is neat and clean! Log on now and see the kind of difference it can make in your lives!!