I realized one thing and that is that most dealers have different things in stock:

And while their first lookout is to dispose of/sell off that which is in stock, their prices can vary and the difference in the price range between the dealers itself can be so wide that it can make you sit up and wonder what would happen if you do not do your homework well.

Don’t believe me?

Take this example:
I wanted to install a home heating system that has centralized control and I was particular that the installation of the machine per se is done in the background only. I wanted to have a particular type of ducting across the house where the ducts could not be seen but rather be concealed under the false ceiling. This article on energysavingtrust.org.uk explains it well.
This time I did not do it the conservative way:
To take advantage of the technology at my disposal, I decided to log on to this awesome website that helps people like me to get quotes from three to four different people in the neighborhood. And then you can also request them to do a home inspection and then see if the specification that you require in the installation can be provided by them.

It may look like a mundane idea:

But believe me, it is not!
Here is a website that not only allows you to identify the various prospective traders in your immediate neighborhood but also gives you the power to call on them and decide if they will measure up to your expectations. This was something that was on my mind for a long time that a service like this was the need of the hour. When I realized that there was indeed something like this and so alive and kicking on the internet I said a small prayer to the Lord thanking him for helping them hit upon it. I can only imagine the countless number of hours saved in hunting out the sellers and then bargaining and negotiating and trying to impress upon them what I need. With this lively website, all those bizarre things so pass! For more information, click on this link here.