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Knowing the genuine prices is such a challenge!
When you shift from out of a country and into a newer neighborhood and you know no one really except for the very few acquaintances who smile when they see you hither-thither, you know that you will take quite some time to sink into the neighborhood. For home improvement prices, there is some help with sites like tradesmen prices. For example they have a great page on boilers. That déjà vu feeling is what I had when I shifted into my latest neighborhood and now as I sit across my living room, I can see another family moving in to the house diagonally opposite to my house and I can see the same unfamiliar look in the eyes even as she tries to meet eyes with the passersby you are trying to be as congenial as neighbors be but of course I know that she and her family will take a bit of time to actually call the neighborhood as their “own”! This forum post on mumsnet is quite funny.

It took me almost a year!

Even though I am quite a social person and extrovert at that; if I tell you that I took a sweet time of almost about a year before I could confidently smug into my surroundings, you can only imagine the difficulty that an introvert and a person who keeps about himself would take!

You know what the bigger challenge is?

However, it is not calling on your immediate neighbors and also finding out the ways to call on them, but the challenge is in exploring the neighborhood. For instance, I took a whole week to decipher where the departmental store in the neighborhood was and the bakery was so inconspicuously hidden from the main road that unless I took help from someone I would have never ever been able to find out for myself even if I was going around in circles.

But it was fine till the grocer’s and the saloons, but furniture and other things!!

You know it is still okay to explore and take your own time to do when you are searching for a grocer or a meat shop or even a barber, but the real challenge is when you have to search for someone reliable who would do the fittings and installations in the house. And to top it all, you need to check out the prices with each of the dealer so that you do not get fleeced.